It was seven years into my online marketing career, when I joined The Next Web as Chief Marketing Officer. I started to visit Silicon Valley often and experience the culture of numerous startups and tech companies like Etsy, Twitter, Evernote, Google, and Facebook. Learning a lot about what makes a culture thrive or deteriorate - I began to actively shape the culture at The Next Web.

Later on I became the driving force behind the brand and company culture of MessageBird. We hired all our tech talent without any recruiters, became one of the 100 fastest growing companies (FD Gazelle) - and one of the best employers (NRC New Hero) - of The Netherlands. We also joined the prestigious accelerator Y Combinator in 2016.

I have always wished for everyone to find a workplace they love going to, that brings out the best in them. That's why I love to help companies build a high-performing culture that empowers people to do their best work. 


My passion is to build people-centered organisations that focus on employee growth, learning and higher purpose.

In my young adulthood I played professional field hockey and studied psychology, but I missed a clear sense of purpose. I decided to quit my successful hockey career and founded my first company. Its goal: to help youngsters make decisions based on their strengths, passions and values. 

Later on I applied the knowledge of behavioural economics to help multinationals, NGO’s and the Dutch government, guide people to a sustainable way of living. While this challenge was more strategic, I soon discovered that engaging employees and building community was in no way different from helping youngsters with their life choices. People want to feel connected with a higher purpose and develop themselves around their strengths. I therefor strongly belief in the adagio ‘do good, to do well’ and the other way around.


If you hire people just because they can do a job, they’ll work for your money. But if you hire people who believe what you believe, they’ll work for you with blood, sweat, and tears.