We offer three products


Quick SCAN

Why: identifiying quick wins
What: analysing what's happening in your organisation
Duration: 2 days

We need to learn what the values are that your people believe they’re operating under. Especially when making important decisions on their own. The more information we can get, the better we can build on your strengths. 

phase 2 - determine core values

Together with your Values Team, we will determine the core values and behaviours that everyone in the company agrees upon. The information gathered from your ‘as-is’ culture serves as input.



phase 3 - values and leadership

We can’t create a high-performing culture by claiming it. Nor can we introduce values, and hope everyone will start living them. If we want people to live the values every day – leaders will have to start living, communicating and encouraging them.

phase 4 - hiring on values

Together we will review your current way of hiring and see what works for you and what doesn’t. We want to create the best system to attract, hire and keep the best people who are not only talented but also have a fit with your values.


phase 5 - team design

As companies grow you hear increased talk about ‘forces’ that are stopping people from doing great work. Many of these forces can be undone by looking at how teams are organised. We like to introduce a simple way to start, guide and improve a team.

phase 6 - metrics: making values real

You want people to understand how their value-based behaviour can affect your company’s goals. To make this happen, we will create a value-based metric system together that makes your values real.


phase 7 - rewarding on values

If you don’t reward the behaviours based on your values, people will think your culture change is another trend that will blow over. You want to pay, promote and even terminate people based on your values.

phase 8 - communication plan

Companies who make communicating the values to their people and customers a priority — instead of believing it will take care of itself — see a higher quality of customer loyalty and so bottom-line results.