In Todayโ€™s world it is not about power and size, but about creativity and innovation. We help organisations create a culture that attracts the best people, turns customers into raving fans and drives a highly profitable business

The benefits of a strong culture can be felt but are also supported by research

And beyond the numbers, we all know deep down that we do our best work when we feel safe, supported and inspired

30% increase in performance

50% savings on hiring costs

756% increase in net income



Culture Scan

How strong is your current culture and does it support your strategy?

Discover what is great and what is missing in your current culture and what you as leaders can do to strengthen it. This 3 hour session will leave you with practical tools to immediately make a change


Team Offsite

How can we perform better as a team?

Increase the commitment, efficiency and focus on results within your team. Together we will design a session that provides your team with a practical toolkit to improve themselves and the way they work


Culture Change Program

How can we create the environment for a great culture to emerge

We work together with your culture team to ignite meaningful culture change and implement this in the employee journey. This way it will be clear for everyone what actions are most likely to drive growth, profitability and overall happiness


DIY Culture Coaching

What tools and insights can propel you forward? โ€จ

We provide hands-on coaching to help leaders build great teams and organisations.


Culture Inspiration

What inspiring stories can help us ignite change?

A 30 to 90 min keynote on the why, how and what of culture. We always make sure the audience leaves with practical ways on how to build culture themselves


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In a short time they have created real momentum in our department Anatomy & Neurosciences. More importantly they have equipped us with tools to keep building culture ourselves.
— Jeroen Geurts, Professor and Department Head at VUmc
A great culture is the basis for any company that is looking for world domination. Culture Builders know how to build them.
— Boris Veldhuijzen van Zanten, CEO at The Next Web
Working in a highly dynamic sales environment requires a strong organisational pillar, a team you can trust at all times. At Optimizely, the Solutions Engineering teamโ€™s aim is to be exactly that. Culture Builders helped the SE team grow in building effective partnerships.
— Martijn Beijk, Director Solutions & Engineering at Optimizely
Culture Builders helped us at GoodHabitz to dive deeper into our own DNA. They helped us to define our current core and brand values, which are the fundament of our new identity.
— Tim Indencleef, Marketing Manager GoodHabitz



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