The barrier of entry in many markets is now lower than ever and the way companies create value has shifted as well. Internet companies and startups around the world show that winning is not about power and size, but about creativity and innovation.

 Leaders like AirbnbNetflix and Google understand that to be successful in a faster world, the workplace needs to change. It’s about creating a culture of purpose, autonomy, recognition and happiness.




It attracts great people that align with your core values

It allows you to keep the right people (replacing people costs 6-9 months of salary)

It enables people to make the right decisions on their own

It makes people happier (happy people are 12% more productive)

It is your only competitive advantage that can't be copied



We help companies create a culture that can attract the best people, turn customers into raving fans and drives a highly profitable business.



First we'll get to know your existing culture. Understand what works and what doesn't. Then we'll help you determine the desired values and behaviours for success. We will reinforce these values and behaviours by implementing them into your hiring, metrics, rewarding, leadership, and communication. It will become clear for everyone what decisions and actions are desired to drive growth, profitability and overall happiness.



Of all the hours we’re awake, most of them are spent at work. We believe work should be a place you love going to and that encourages you to do your best work.



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Jorg gets technology and business and at the same time understands that culture is an all-determining factor in how people work together.
— Nalden, co-founder WeTransfer
A great culture is the basis for any company that is looking for world domination. Jorg (founder CultureBuilders) knows how to build them.
— Boris, co-founder The Next Web