We at Culture Builders are a big fan of improving our mind and body. That's why we have been a big fan of taking cold showers. Well, to be honest, cold showers suck BUT we are a big fan of the benefits. It helps you build a habit of tough decisions and improves your health.

A Habit of tough decisions
Let's start with the benefit that caused us to start taking cold showers in the first place: developing mental toughness. When you slowly get out of your warm and cozy bed in the morning, and walk towards the bathroom, one of things you absolutely DON'T want to do is take a cold shower. You know that once you jump under that icy stream of water it's going to be really uncomfortable. Right before you turn on the ice cold water you hear a voice say: "Screw all those benefits, I am going to do this tomorrow."

And then you decide to do it anyway.

By making that choice, you are building a habit of making tough decisions. You decide to do something because you said you would, even though you know it is going to be uncomfortable. Making tough decisions is essential in changing habits. Setting that right mindset by taking a cold shower in the morning will help you during the rest of your day making decisions at work, in relationships and life in general. 

Fewer Sick Days
But it's not only improving your mindset. Dutch researchers have just completed a study that shows cold showers improving your health as well.

Geert A. Buijze and his colleagues asked 3,000 volunteers in the Netherlands to finish their morning showers with a 30-, 60-, or 90-second blast of cold water, or to shower as they usually did, for 30 consecutive days. Then the researchers looked at the work attendance records of the same people over that period. On average, in all the groups that doused themselves with cold water, people were absent 29% fewer days than people in the control group. The researchers’ conclusion: Cold showers lead to fewer sick days.

There you go: cold showers improve your mindset and health. Still, tomorrow morning at 7am you'll say "Screw all those benefits!" and hopefully do it anyway.