That's right! We're super excited to be talking culture at TNW Conference 2017 in Amsterdam next week. Both days are jam-packed with some great speakers like Chief Strategy of Snapchat, the founder and CEO of Tumblr, founder of 9GAG, the COO of Etsy and other good people from Hubspot, Trello, Hyper Island and many others.

On day 1 of the conference, our founder Jorg will do a roundtable session on the topic 'How to create a high-performing culture'. Apparently more people were looking forward to it as our session was the first one to get fully booked. All within 45 minutes.

Jorg will also be walking around on both conference days and he always loves to share his thoughts on company culture. So if you can't join the session, just hit him up when you see him around. Till next week!


Here's more on the content of our session:
Company culture is a hot topic nowadays as more and more companies understand the power of it to attract talent, turn customers into ambassadors, and to achieve profitable growth. But how do you create such a high-performing culture?

Some try to copy values of inspiring companies like Netflix, Etsy or Google. Others think it's all about the perks; offering bean bags, free breakfast and a ping-pong table. Unfortunately, simply copy/pasting values doesn't guarantee that the desired culture will arise nor does having a Playstation in the lobby (although it's definitely fun when I need to wait for a meeting :D).

In this roundtable I'll walk you through the 7 phases you do need to go through to create a culture that can help you become an industry leader.