Booom! Next to working with customers to create purpose-driven cultures, we are starting with high-energy workshops around culture and happiness at work. Our first one is coming up in Amsterdam in March, and it teaches you how to hire people on culture fit.

The importance of hiring on culture has become a hot topic in recent years. People that have a good culture fit with a company will flourish in their new roles, are more likely to stay, and drive long-term growth and success. A bad culture fit can cost a company between 50-60% of the person’s annual salary due to turnover, according to the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM).

That is why leading companies like Uber, Netflix and Google are assessing talent on culture fit throughout their recruiting process. Our upcoming workshop is specifically designed to teach you exactly that: how to hire people that share the same values, similar attitudes, or expectations around work as your current team.

Who should take part? HR, hiring managers or anyone that's interested in tools to assess the future performance and culture fit of a candidate. Are you ready to look beyond skills to assess a candidate? Then this workshop is for you. Sign up here