Every Monday — just like this first Monday of 2017 — there are people getting up thinking “Ugh, it’s Monday again. I hate going to work...” I see people sharing the Monday blues on Snapchat or Instagram (#tag included). A few weeks ago I even heard a guy at a coffee place complaining out loud that he had to go to prison again…

It made me look up from my croissant (OK, it was a muffin but this sounds more chique) because I thought the guy actually was on his way to jail. Where guards make you squat and cough twice. A place from which you cannot escape. But no, it turned out the man was actually referring to his workplace.

Focus on the Monday blues if you wish, spread it if you must, but understand that this is all an attitude. And not a very helpful one. Instead, you should dig deeper. Why do you feel this way?

Does it have anything to do with the tequila-soaked NYE party or is there something more going on? Is it because your job doesn’t fit your skills or passion? Because your boss doesn’t help you grow? Because the company culture is toxic?

Whatever it is, figure it out and take action. We spend most of our waking hours at work, so you better find a place you love going to. You owe that to your (maybe still undiscovered) skills and passion.

I wish you a healthy and loving 2017 — may you spend it at a workplace that brings out the best in you. Go get it!